Author: Julie Stratos

January Newsletter

The January issue of the Altrusa Announcer is now available.  January 2016

December Newsletter

The December issue of the Altrusa Announcer is now available. 

November Newsletter

The November newsletter is now available.

October Newsletter

The October newsletter is now available. Go to Newsletters under Members Only.

September Newsletter

The September newsletter is now ready. September 2015  Enjoy!

Updates made

Check out the updated pages on the website. Pictures have been added to several pages.

Altrusa Dinner Menu & Recipes

Several people asked for the recipes for the dinner. Click here for the “Travel Guide” with all the recipes: In Flight Magazine – Recipes. In case you’re curious, here is the menu we provided: Passport Menu.

Altrusa Social – Wine, Cheese, & Friends by the Pool

Altrusa Tibbits Dinner

August Newsletter

The August edition of the Altrusa Announcer is now ready. Click here August 2015 or go to the Newsletter page. Enjoy!